Intra-Regional Athletic Meet 2011 News Story

Ghashia Rauf | Staff Correspondent, TBT | Garden Town Campus

November 30, 2011: The Punjab Stadium resounded with happy cheers as the Intra Regional Athletic Meet 2011 Championship Team Trophy for Boys was held by none other than the host, Beaconhouse Garden Town Campus, Lahore. The team defeated the opponents by a stunning victory with 55 points.

The Athletic Meet was inaugurated by the worthy Principal and SGO III Head, Mrs Riffat Z. Shahid and later in the day the honourable Chief Guest, Mr Khalid Mahmood, Director General Sports Board WAPDA, joined her.

The Team Trophy for Girls was won by Beaconhouse Liberty Campus, Lahore.
Best Athlete among the Boys was Beaconhouse Garden Town Campus’s proud Track event master Daniyal Talat of XI-C-Silver. Mahnoor Bhatti from Beaconhouse Allama Iqbal Town Campus was declared Best Athlete among Girls.

A total of 14 teams for Boys and Girls each participated in the Athletic Championship.

Boys participated in a total of six track events including; 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m and 4x100m Relay Race while the six field events were; Long Jump, High Jump, Triple Jump, Shot Put, Javelin Throw and Discus Throw.

Girls, on the other hand took part in four track events namely; 100m, 200m, 400m and 4x100m Relay Race. The field events for girls included; Long Jump, High Jump, Discus Throw, Shot Put and Javelin Throw.


Track Events (Boys)

In the 100m race Hamza Ali from Beaconhouse Multan (BM) stood 1st with an unbeatable time of 11.75sec. Daniyal Talat of Beaconhouse Garden Town Campus, Lahore (BGTL), who was also awarded Trophy for the Best Athlete (Boys), won Silver at a very close 11.79sec. Hussaini Haider of Beaconhouse Gujranwala (BG) came 3rd with 12.39sec.

In 200m race Daniyal Talat (BGTL) won Gold with an incredible time of 24.67sec. Haad Ahmad (BGTL) took home the Silver with 25.14sec. Hamza Chattha (BM) carried away the Bronze with 26.15sec.

Haad Ahmad (BGTL) scored the 1st position in 400m race with 57.97sec, while Sadiq Yousaf (BGTL) stood 2nd with 59.12sec. Beaconhouse Sialkot (SKT) campus won the Bronze medal when Mubashir Naseer crossed the finish line behind the two athletes of BGTL with 1:00.95sec.
In the 800m race Abdul Wahab (BGTL) won Gold with an incredible 2:23.10 sec while Syed Joan Hussain of the same campus brought home a Bronze medal with a time of 2:26.45sec. Ahmad Karim of Beaconhouse Model Town Campus, Lahore (BMTL), took away the Silver with 2:25.85sec.

In the 1500m race, Zeryab Sipra (BM) stood 1st with an astonishing 5:07.28 sec. In this event Abdul Wahab (BGTL) stood 2nd with a timing of 5:07.60 sec. It was indeed a tight race between the two, micro seconds apart. Ahmad Karim (BMTL) took home a Bronze with 5:08.23 sec.

4x100 Relay Race was dominated by the BGTL team who made the Gold with as astonishing 49.92 sec. BM timed 51.71 and stood 2nd with a close at their heels SKT team with 52.69 sec. who were awarded the Bronze.

Field Events (Boys)

In the Long Jump, Hamza Iqbal from Beaconhouse Johar Town Campus, Lahore (JTC), landed the Gold with a beautiful 5.46m jump. Junaid Pervaiz (BMTL) bagged Silver with a close 5.45m while Hussaini Haider (BG) took home a Bronze with 5.31m jump.

BGTL’s Hikmat Yar bagged the Gold medal with 1.55m in High Jump. Saim Ahmad (JTC) took the Silver medal with 1.53m jump whereas Hussain Danish (BM) stood 3rd with 1.50m jump under his belt.

Junaid Pervaiz (BMTL) bagged the Gold medal in the Triple Jump with 11.33m whereas Luqman Ali (JTC) took the Silver medal with 11.10m. Bm’s Hamza Ahmad stood 3rd with 10.90m.

A beautiful throw of Shot Put at 10.86m helped Saim Zulfiqar (BGTL) to score 1st position with Salman Ahmad of BGTL at 2nd position with 10.32m. Ali Nasir of Canal Side Campus (CSC) Boys Branch, Lahore bagged the Bronze medal with a 10.25m throw of the Shot Put.

Tahawar Shah of CSC Boys Branch was the proud winner of Javelin Throw with an incredible 45.16m throw. Hussain Latif of Allama Iqbal Town Campus, Lahore (AITC), won a Silver medal with 44.50m while Abdul Wahab (BGTL) scored a 3rd position at 42.27m.

Salman Ahmad (BGTL) bagged the Gold medal with the Discus thrown at 29.90m.

SKT’s Mohammad Saqib took home the Silver medal by throwing the discus at 26.18m while Mohammad Faizan Ahmad of Beaconhouse Faisalabad (BF) scored the 3rd position at 24.98m.

Track Events (Girls)
Mahnoor Bhatti of AITC, who was later awarded Best Athlete (Girls), won the 100m race with a 14.19sec. Aysham Touqeer and Laiba of Beaconhouse Liberty Campus, Lahore (BLL), scored the 2nd and 3rd positions with 14.51 and 14.61 seconds respectively.

Mahnoor Bhatti (AITC) again dominated the scene in 200m race and bagged a Gold medal with 31.70 sec. with Aysham (BLL) close at her heels with 32.34sec.and taking away the Silver medal. Amna Shahid (JTC) won the Bronze medal with a time of 32.90seconds.

Khushboo Zara (BLL) stood 1st in 400m race with a time of 1:22.91sec. The incredible Mahnoor Bhatti (AITC) was close at her heels with 1:23.75seconds taking away the Silver medal. Hijab Mehdi (CSC) Girls Branch with a time of 1:26.40seconds was able to take home the Bronze.

BLL’s team scored the 1st position in 4x100m Relay Race with a time of 1:03.85sec beating BG at 1:05.10sec and JTC at 1:05.72sec who stood 2nd and 3rd in the event respectively.

Field Events (Girls)

The versatile Khushboo Zara (BLL) not only dominated the 400m track event but was able to win the Gold medal at a field event- Long Jump with a 3.84m jump. Rabia Zahid of BG took the Silver medal with 3.74m and Momina Qaisar of AITC bagged the Bronze with 3.73m jump.

BG dominated the High Jump event with Rabia Zahid bagging the gold Medal with a beautiful 1.35m jump. JTC bagged the remaining two positions with Tayyaba Ishtiaq at 1.30m and Mehroo Waqas at 1.23m taking the Silver and Bronze medals respectively.

The seasoned Yusra Malik of BLL scored a Silver medal in the Discus Throw with 17.06m, not being able to beat Amna Qaisar of CSC Girls Branch who topped with 18.40m. Mahnoor Zahid (JTC) took home the Bronze with a throw of 16.92m.

Amna Qaisar (CSC) again dominated the Shot Put event with 7.30m throw and scoring a Gold medal for her campus. BLL took away the 2nd and 3rd positions with Yusra Malik at 7.13m and Mahnoor’s 6.89m throws.

JTC’s Zartash Malik and Mehroo Waqas stood 1st and 2nd respectively, with incredible throws of 10.73m and 19.20m in the Javelin Throw event. Mahnoor of CSC Girls Branch scored the 3rd position with a throw of 18.90m.

The Score Board (Boys) 
INSTITUTE                            SCORE
BGTL                                      57
BM                                          19
BMTL                                     12
JTC                                          11
CSC                                        6
SKT                                         6
AITC                                       3
BG                                          2
BF                                           1
The remaining teams were unable to score any points.

The Score Board (Girls)
BLL                                        34
JTC                                          16
AITC                                       14
BG                                          14
CSC                                        12

The remaining teams could not score any points.

A new record was made in the High Jump (Girls) event by Rabia Zahid of Beaconhouse Gujranwala (BG) who leaped 1.35 meters breaking the previous record established by an athlete from BLL.

Proud students of Garden Town Campus Holding the Winning Trophy

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