PECHS Cambridge-II Students Visit Karachi School of Art News Story

October 28, 2011: Students of Class 9 Cambridge-II, PECHS visited the Karachi School of Art (KSA), to attend the Fine Arts Thesis Display. Mr. Javed Naqvi, KSA faculty member, guided them through the exhibition and explained the ideas and themes behind each thesis display. Students observed each and every piece of art with great interest.

This excursion was a great source of motivation and proved to be a good opportunity for the students to appreciate different aspects of Art.

The exhibition comprised of six different thesis displays. Each one was based on different themes like, “A daughter’s relation with her mother”, “Footpath Bazaars”, “The good and the evil”, “Humans and their emotions” etc. Each idea was depicted brilliantly on canvas in different shades and colours.

Different objects were also used to portray different elements of the thesis, for instance, stones with faces sketched on them were used to represent hearts of people who have become emotionless nowadays; eggs were used by a student to symbolise humans who are fragile, portraying that they may be tough on the outside but are soft inside.

Students were greatly inspired by the work of the students of Karachi School of Arts. It gave them an idea of what art is all about and how it can be used to portray different aspects of life.

This trip proved to be fruitful for each and every student as it broadened their perception and created awareness regarding art as a subject at higher levels.

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