Practical Lessons News Story

Serein Asad | Staff Correspondent TBT | BSR Peshawar Road Campus

May 30, 2012

Rawalpindi: During the exam preparations, the students worked day and night to make the best of the time they had. In order to assist the students, a Mathematics lesson was conducted at Senior Boys' Branch to reinforce the concepts of mathematical formulae.

Class VIII students learned to calculate the volume and surface area of prisms with the help of 3D pyramid models. First, they constructed pyramids and tetrahedrons of different heights and bases and then measured the length, width and height of these prisms and calculated the volume and surface area. Through this activity, the students learned the differences between the surface areas of square-based and rectangle-based pyramids.

Students measure the angles of a pyramid
The students participated in this activity vigorously and appreciated the idea of practically implementing mathematical concepts during a classroom lesson. Moreover, they were happy as they revised difficult topics in a fun manner.
Calculating formulae

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