Green Mélange and Cultural Carousel News Story

Momina Arshad | Staff Correspondent TBT | Beaconhouse Satellite Town Branch

Gujranwala: Beaconhouse STB showed off its love for Earth and all things in it by arranging a double feature for their Open day on April 13, 2019. Under the umbrella of ‘Green Mélange’, the school exhibited this theme via projects that showed the importance of natural resources and their conservation. Teachers and students used this opportunity to present projects that highlighted the negative effects humans have on the environment. They also took surveys from visitors, exploring ways by which they could lend a hand to save the environment and go green.

On the other hand, students from the Early Years participated in various cultural dramas that encompassed the second theme of the day that was ‘Cultural Carousel’. Parents and visitors applauded the performances of the students and efforts of the teachers. The parents were invited to be part of the celebrations by bringing cultural food and setting up stalls assigned to them. Students from primary section performed aerobics, gymnastics, hula-hoop tricks and sang in a choir which added great entertainment value to the open day.

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