Collaboration for Compassion News Story

Sara Saleem | Staff Correspondent TBT | Beaconhouse Gulshan Cambridge

Karachi: Beaconhouse Gulshan Cambridge joined forces with an international community called The Charter for Compassion on April 5, 2019. The aim of the collaboration was to provide a platform where students of Beaconhouse could interact with students from under privileged schools to share ideas and experience equality in a deeply divided world. Beaconhouse Gulshan Cambridge played hosts to Al Hamd School of Landhi where a day filled with team building exercises was mapped out. Students from both schools participated in activities such as Storytelling, Mushaira (Urdu poetry recital) and Speeches. Kashmala Amin of Class IX-F emceed the proceedings and wonderfully moderated the entire event. Other students of Beaconhouse included Shamoil Ahmed of Class IX-D who recited the beautiful verses of the Holy Quran. This was followed by an enchanting Naat (a poem that praises Prophet Muhammad, PBUH) recited by a student from Al Hamd School. Then, the guests were celebrated through the words of an interesting story told by Shabaz Naveed of Class IX-I. The highlight of the day was an invigorating Mushaira between Team Ghalib and Team Faiz; with participants from sections of Class IX. Team Ghalib consisted of Areesha Khan, Arqam Ahmed, Syed Wajeeh, Umair Ali and Wafa Zehra. Team Faiz consisted of Shamoil Ahmed, Arham Ahmed, Nabiha Siddiqui, Emad Siddiqui and Saad Salman.

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