Internship Programme with Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Dr Muhammad Yunus and Grameen Bank News Story

Beaconhouse is the first and only school in the world to have earned six internships with the Nobel Peace Prize winning Grameen Bank and the Yunus Centre, in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Prior to this, Grameen Bank has only taken on interns from world renowned international universities.  Beaconhouse takes pride in this association with the Grameen Bank and the Yunus Centre for their outstanding contribution to poverty alleviation through popularising micro-credit finance and non-collateral banking in under-developed and developing countries.

Contrary to conventional ‘collateral’ banking, Grameen Bank works on a non-collateral system in order to facilitate those who have insufficient assets to make investments with.  Grameen Bank invests on human potential, with a credence that the poorest are endowed with endless potential.  The bank tries to unleash the individual’s abilities by giving loans and ownership of assets, particularly to women. Today, 97% of the borrowers from Grameen Bank are in fact women.

The Grameen Bank internship programme initiative has been undertaken with an objective to contribute to Pakistan’s fight against poverty, through training our students.  During their five week stay in Bangladesh, the internees have worked closely with projects that include Grameen phone, Grameen Eye hospital and Grameen Solar Project among other valuable areas.

Our lucky A Level Beaconites were selected after an intense round of applications, interviews and deliberations.  Six students were selected as follows:

  1. Bilal Anwar Sheikh
  2. Ibrahim Shahid World Record Holder with a brilliant 23 straight A grades in CIE O level
  3. Jasmine Hoti Selected  participant of the Women to Women International Conference 2010, USA
  4. Malik Muhammad Qasim Khan
  5. Rohail Waheed
  6. Sunniya Amna Waraich

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