Pakistan Schools Conference 2018 News Story

Bilal Khan | Staff Correspondent TBT | Beaconhouse Defence Campus

Lahore: Beaconhouse Defence made a splash at the recently concluded ‘Pakistan Schools Conference 2018’ hosted by Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE). Heads of schools converged from all over the country to join Michael O’Sullivan, the chief executive of CAIE, to discuss and learn more about “Understanding and Improving Educational Impact” and the implementation of a Global Perspectives curriculum.

The delegation from BDC was led by our head of school, Ms Semee Shafqat with support from Mr Ali Hannan and three of his best Global Perspectives & Research (GPR) A2 students, Hinah Mian, Farjad bin Abdullah and Minahil Malik. The conference included a series of coordinated events ranging from talks by educationalists from around the world to panel discussions moderated by our very own Mr Stephen Crowley. BDC was among the four schools from Pakistan tasked with showcasing their GPR Student’s Research Projects at the event. The quality of our A Level GPR work was lauded by Mr Sullivan and other notable attendees who engaged with our students.

The event culminated with a session on “The importance of Global Perspectives (GP) in an era of Globalisation” where once again it was BDC’s turn to shine. The delegation participated and eventually led a discussion on how to implement a quality GPR programme in schools. Based on her experience of heading one of the best GP programmes in the region, Ms Shafqat offered her insights regarding the challenges of and solution to initiating and ensuring quality across the O and A Level spectrum. Mr Ali Hannan fielded questions pertaining to the specifics of managing and supervising student projects. The proceedings wrapped up with Hinah, Farjad and Minahil sharing how GPR at BDC shaped their motivations and future prospects.

All in all it was an enlightening day for the participants, enriched by the presence of world leaders in education. BDC was strongly represented by our delegation who confirmed why our campus has one of the best GP programmes in the region.

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