Blunders and Consequences in Intermediate Examinations News Story

Syed M. Osama | IX-Cambridge |F/11-4 Campus, Islamabad

Of all the problems faced by Pakistan, currently the most controversial problem is the faulty Intermediate result. For the first time, the computerised system was introduced to calculate the result and marks of the students but the software used for this work wasn’t tested properly. The job was also given to incompetent people who lacked professional skills to manage the programme properly resulting in the faulty result. Nearly 20,000 copies were lost.

The students say that many of the papers were checked by persons who had no relevance with the subject like a few biology papers were checked by the teachers of mathematics. There are some reports that many relatives of different political parties have been given excellent marks while many those who have got remarkable marks in one subject have failed in another subject. An overwhelming majority of students complained about grave errors in their results.

There has been an example of a student who was awarded 93 marks in one subject and 29 in another. Similarly, a candidate was awarded 52 out of 50 in Pakistan Studies. By the same token, some pre-engineering students were awarded marks in pre-medical and pre-medical students got marks in mathematics.

Some students are shown absent when they appeared in the examination while those who didn’t are awarded marks. This way, those guilty had played with the future of thousands of students resulting in serious degradation.
The aftereffects were dreadful. Angry demonstrations were held in many cities of Punjab (Gujranwala, Lahore, Sialkot, Multan, Toba Tek Singh and Bahawalpur).

Because of these culpabilities, Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education Lahore’s former chairman and controller of examinations were recently suspended. Inter part-1 results have been declared null and void for all boards in Punjab. The students have been allowed to get their papers rechecked without any fees.

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