Salty Adventures News Story

Essay submitted to the Young Commonwealth Competition 2012
Adil Rahim Hyder | Cantt Campus Peshawar | September 27, 2012

I woke up with a start that cold morning. We going to Khewra salt mines that day and I was looking forward to it. I had read about salt mines but seeing them in the flesh would be a whole new experience. We left breakfast and went to the mines by car - me, my brother, my parents and my grandparents. I asked "Are we there yet?" so many times that everyone considered putting tape across my mouth but (thankfully) they couldn't because there wasn't any tape. After that I went to sleep for a while and when I woke up we had stopped at a restaurant. The food was nice there. Tender chicken, soft, warm naan (bread) and piping hot korma, (chicken stew) Yum!

We kept going after lunch. The view outside the car window was amazing. Lush green fields, cloudless blue skies and fleets of birds of every colour you can imagine looked spectacular. I will never forget that scene. It suddenly started raining. I put my hand out of the window and gave a yelp. The rain felt like needles being pushed into my hand. Ouch, I warned everyone not to put their hands out, which is why they all tried it anyways. When we finally reached the mines the scenery was unbelievable. The mountain had a brown/black colour, giving it an earthy look. The soil under our shoes was of many different colours. Somewhere it was dark red, in another place it was a mild brown.

You could see in a small train which went about the mines. The salt rock gleamed like diamonds. They had made miniature Pakistani monuments out of salt rock such as Minar-e-Pakistan, Faisal Mosque and Badshahi Mosque. In the middle of the tour we came to a very flat, smooth rock which gleamed strangely. The local said, "This here is sacred salt. Rumour and legend has it that if you lick it, all your prayers will be answered." If you'll believe me, people actually got out of the train and licked it. Yuck! When the tour ended everyone wanted something to eat except me. They all went to a nearby shop while I convinced them to let me play in an abandoned park.

I walked over there and a bee appeared. This bee was a stinging honey bee and a bee of pure evil! I'm serious! It followed me around everywhere! I got nervous and edged towards the exit but E.B (Evil Bee) blocked it. It seemed to say "Hoo Ha Ha! You will never escape me." I made a run for the exit and sting! I stumbled towards the shop, my face swelling up.

My family got me a miniature elephant made out of salt to cheer me up. I learned a dozen things in that one trip. How silly the local rumours in Pakistan could be, how evil a bee could be, but most of all I learned that Pakistan is a really beautiful country and journey across it is wonderful. I certainly won't forget mine.

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