My Interview From an Adult About Their Significant Day News Story

Essay submitted to the Young Commonwealth Competition 2012
Laiba Rehman | Cantt Campus Peshawar | February 18, 2012

It was a beautiful Saturday morning. I woke up brushed my teeth, change my clothes, did my prayers and got busy doing my pending tasks. When I finished I sat down, I was with myself thinking that I has a lot of fun and joy but I never cared to listen to somebody else's joy so then it hit me that...... I should go to my grandma's house. So I set off. As I reached there she served me with cakes and cookies and pastries but I wasn't interested in those but what I was interested in was granny's fantastic stories. So I asked her that what was your significant day in your life was. She answered me about it. She began "I was going to unpack my baggage that we all planned to go for lunch then go to museum. When we did lunch first we went to the London museum. In their we saw fossils and their history was given with. They told us how they disappeared; about their families and from what thing they use to fear the most. We also saw the Kohinoor Diamond. She answered me that The Kohinoor diamond belonged to Mughals and it was a very precious diamond but Britishers took it when they came for trade to subcontinent India and then she continued; then we went to the science museum. In there we saw bubble headed Einstein with all the information with it. We also saw models of scientist made by wax and their information was also given that which scientist invented which object. I asked granny why do you call this from this day, about dinosaurs, about the worlds beautiful and larger diamond, I learned so much about science, I explored the world of science, dinosaurs and Mughals. And I will never forget this day... I got excited myself I will never forget this story, I'll always remember it and I remember it now also.

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