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Energy Conservation Week News Story

Rabia Arshad | Staff Correspondent TBT | Beaconhouse F11/3 Girls’ Campus

Islamabad: At Beaconhouse F11/3 Girls’ Campus, students celebrated Energy Conservation Week. In an extended morning assembly on December 07, 2016, they delivered thought-provoking speeches on the issue, presented skits, shared catchy quotes about conserving energy, prepared charts and presented 3D models.

Activities for Energy Conservation Week continued the whole week and in order to raise awareness about conserving energy, students took part in a number of activities including role-plays, speeches, making brochures, colourful posters and drawings. Students from Sky School System were also invited. The event was concluded with resolutions made by all students to save energy. In the end, Class IX students gave out brochures to everyone that detailed ways to conserve energy.

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