Oath-Taking Ceremony News Story

Poonam Khurshid | Staff Correspondent TBT |Beaconhouse A Level Multan

Multan: The oath-taking ceremony of the newly-elected student council took place on October 3, 2015. Parents of the student council members were invited to share in the proud moment of their children’s lives. An esteemed alumni of Beaconhouse Multan A Level was also invited to give words of encouragement to the new student council, as well as the student body as whole. Minahil Khakwani had herself been the head girl in her year.

The ceremony began with an overview of the various extracurricular activities that had taken place since the last year including the Hum Se Hai Pakistan video competition and Chicago Group internship, LGS JTMUN. Headmistress Saadia Yaqub distributed sashes among the newly-elected members of the student council.

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