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Beaconhouse schools celebrated their Annual Sports Days in the months of February and March.

Sports Day at NN KG

Mehvesh Madda | Staff Correspondent TBT | NN KG Chapter

February 26, 2012

Karachi: NNKG held their sports day at the UBL sports complex on February 25, 2012. It was a combination of spirit and strength, and a display of emotions and colours. The theme of the programme was peace and recycling which was portrayed throughout the whole show.

SGO Head Mrs. Riffat Naseer inaugurated the programme by releasing balloons into the air along with flowers made of recycled plastic bottles. The programme started with a recitation followed by dua, a walk past, sports song, yoga, aerobics display, gymnastics, taekwondo and then the integral part, the events.

Every bit of the show was fun-filled for parents as they witnessed the strength, smartness and creativity of their children. A roar of applause echoed in the pavilion when the students formed the symbol of peace during the aerobics display, and they continuously appreciated the sportsmanship which had been inculcated in the children by BSS as, after all, winning is not everything!

Students Participating in Races
Students Participating in Races
Sports Day at JTC Lower Primary

Ayesha Tariq | Staff Correspondent TBT | JTC Lower Primary

February 17, 2012

Lahore: The Annual Sports Day of Johar Town Campus (JTC) Lower Primary was celebrated with great zeal. The event was declared open by the Chief Guest Mr Rehan Butt, Captain of our National Hockey Team.

The students of Classes I and II participated enthusiastically in their events. Parents admired all the events especially the ballet recital and zumba performed by the girls.

Students Waiting for the Chief Guest to Declare the Sports Day Open
Girls Performing Zumba
BSS Sargodha Celebrates Sports Day

Saadia Saeed | Staff Correspondent TBT | BSS Sargodha

March 30, 2012

Sargodha: The Annual Sports Day 2011-12 was celebrated on March 29, 2012 in the Sargodha Stadium. A large number of parents were present on the occasion. The Chief Guest for the occasion was Rana Hammad Iqbal, District Sports Officer. PT and Gymnastic displays, Karate show, musical presentations, Aerobics and Folk Dances were all part of the event.

These performances were followed by various races such as the Rabbit Race, Sack Race, Wheelbarrow Race, Three-Legged Race, Relay Race and 200m Race.

Fathers participated in a Tug of War with the traditional dhol beating in the background. At the end, prizes were given to the winners by Headmistress Mrs Nasreen Humayun, Ms Rebecca Bashir, Senior Mistress Girls Branch, and other teachers.

A Student Receiving His Trophy
Students in Traditional Dresses
Musical Sports Day at BSS Jhang

Nazish Arfa | Staff Correspondent TBT | BSS Jhang

March 8, 2012

Jhang: Innovative ideas such as the celebration of a Musical Sports Extravaganza have been applauded by parents. From the very beginning till the end, all the performances were in sync with the background music.

As a welcome, three girls wearing floral crowns took a round of the ground on bicycles and scattered rose petals from decorated baskets attached to the bicycles.

Students presented their aerobic display to the song Superstar by Jamelia and the cheerleaders' team, comprising 6 girls, performed during the breaks (preparation time for different activities, results compiling time etc.) to keep the interest levels high. Last but not least were the performances by the winners to the song Goodbye by Aqua.

Students Performing to Different Songs
Students Welcoming the Guests on Bicycles
Annual Sports Gala at LMA 29-C

Shafaq Sheharyar | Staff Correspondent TBT | LMA 29-C

March 09, 2012

Lahore: The Annual Sports Gala was held at LMA 29-C on March 6 and 7. Students participated enthusiastically in different races. Class II students impressed the audience with a colourful Aerobics presentation, Hula Hoop Dance and PT Display.

The winners were awarded medals by the Chief Guests Mr Ayyaz Cheema, National Cricket Player, and Ms Asma Tanveer, Coordinator Early Years SGO 3.

The event was also broadcast by City 42.

Tug of War Competition
Racing Towards the Finish Line
Annual Sports Day at Upper Mall

Lubna Qamar | Staff Correspondent TBT | Upper Mall Boys Branch

Lahore: Upper Mall Boys Branch held the Annual Sports Day at Railway Stadium Lahore. The Chief Guests were School Group III Head, Mrs Riffat Shahid and the former Test Cricketer and current member of the Pakistan Cricket Board, Mr Mohsin Kamal.

The stadium gave the impression of a kaleidoscope as spring was the theme of the event. Parents enjoyed different displays some of which were, PT, Karate, Gymnastics, Cultural dance and races. The event also included a Three-legged Race for parents and Musical Chairs for the junior staff.

The day began with enthusiasm and ended amongst celebration and laughter.

The Chief Guest
Winners of the Sports Day
A Collage of Sports Activities at Middle PECHS
Annual Sports Day Middle PECHS

Afshan Rupsi | Staff Correspondent TBT | Middle PECHS

March 23, 2012

Karachi: A spectacular Sports Gala was organised by the sports teachers of Beaconhouse Middle PECHS, Mr Muhammad Amir and Ms Humaira Mahmood, at NCC Ground Karachi. The programme began with an impressive Walk Past to the tune played by the school band, followed by Gymnastic and Taekwondo displays. The perfect coordination amongst students received applause from parents and guests.

Students also participated in a variety of races and won medals. Former cricketer Moeen Khan graced the occasion with his presence. Medals were given to the winners and a house trophy was awarded to the Blue house for winning the most medals.

The sports correspondent from AAJ TV covered the event. Click here to watch.

Sports Day at BF Canal Campus

Shanzay Jawad | Staff Correspondent TBT | BF Early Years Canal Campus

March 19, 2012

Faisalabad: The Sports Frolics for Classes Pre Nursery to KG was held on March 8, 2012. Mr Imran Ahmad Siddiqui, Regional Director Telecom Sector, graced the day with his presence. He laid stress on physical fitness and exercise for a sound body and mind.

The Frolics began with an impressive Walk Past by young Beaconites who displayed order and uniformity. It was followed by a synchronised display of aerobics by KG students. The tiny tots of Pre-Nurseries and Nurseries stole the show with track events. KG boys displayed impressive teamwork in the form of a well-coordinated PT. Karate by Nursery students were appreciated by the audience.

Students Presenting Aerobics
The Chief Guest Releasing Balloons to Mark the Beginning of the Sports Day
Annual Sports Day Primary Branch F-7/2

Tausif Raoof | Staff Correspondent TBT | Primary Branch F-7/2

February 25, 2012

Islamabad: Primary Branch F-7/2 had its Annual Sports Day at BMI as a follow-up of the promise made to the parents in a meeting with Director BSS, Mr Daniyal Kusuri. Mr Sanaullah Aman, Member Engineering Capital Development Authority was the Chief Guest. He developed 12 grounds for the children in Islamabad for extended sports activities.

The programme included zumba and gymnastic display and a wushu and taichi display. The athletes competed in Sprint Races, Warrior Races, Prop Races, Relay Races and Hurdle Race. There was a lucky draw for parents and athletes were awarded medals.

BSS Sukkur Sports Day

Ghazala Shah | Staff Correspondent TBT | BSS Sukkur

February 28, 2012

Sukkur: BSS Sukkur celebrated its Annual Sports Day on February 25, 2012 at the Sukkur Stadium. The day started with the recitation of verses from the Holy Quran and a welcome speech.

Students of all three houses participated with great zeal in a variety of sports which included Cricket, Badminton, Sack Race, Tug of War, Throw Ball, Musical Chairs, Balloon Blowing, Relay Race, Apple Eating, Skipping and other activities.

Successful students were appreciated and awarded trophies.

A Student Participating in Long Jump Competition
Winners Receiving their Prizes
Sports Gala Khyber Campus

Mahwish Faryal | Staff Correspondent TBT | Khyber Campus

March 16, 2012

Peshawar: Sports Gala 2012 was held in Khyber Campus, Peshawar. It was an event full of joy and excitement, winning and losing, maturity, teamwork, humility and selflessness.

The students of Class IV and V participated in different events like races, Karate, Gymnastics, Aerobics, Dodge the Ball and the famous Khatttak Dance. One of the main highlights of the event was the Dodge the Ball match between mothers and students which ended up in a tie. The Khattak Dance was an amazing display of the physical fitness of the students. The students were dressed in traditional costumes as they waved glittering swords in the air and swirled to the drumbeats and tunes of surnai.

Students Presenting Aerobics
Students Performing Khattak Dance
Sports at Secondary Section Multan

Asra Khan | Staff Correspondent TBT | Secondary Section Multan

March 26, 2012

Multan: Annual Sports Week 2012 was celebrated with great enthusiasm from February 13 to 17. The event was inaugurated by Mrs Uzma Khan, Ms Nadia Ahsan, Mrs Hadia Khan, Mrs Firdaus Mubarak and Ms Najma Khan. The sport prefects Zaryab Sipra and Ammara Farrukh ran a lap around the ground, holding the torch to mark the opening of the event. This was followed by the National Anthem. Mrs Shireen Shafqat presented badges to the House Masters and House Mistresses of the respective sports groups.

Mrs Shireen Shafqat Presented Badges
Lighting the Torch
Sports Frenzy at BSS Gujranwala

Lubna Ikhlaq | Staff Correspondent TBT | KG Branch

March 14, 2012

Gujranwala: BSS KG Branch organised an eye-dazzling and exciting Inter-Branch Sports Gala 2012 for Classes I and II. The three teams from Palm Tree Campus, Wapda Town Campus and KG branch participated enthusiastically and played with sportsman spirit.

Mrs Shaheen Salam, Principal BSS Gujranwala, graced the occasion as the Chief Guest and encouraged the participants by giving them trophies and certificated.

The detail of events and results are as below:

EventsWinning Team
Tug of WarKG I
Dodge the BallKG I
Formula One RaceWapda Town
Relay RaceKG I
Javelin ThrowWapda Town
Squad JumpWapda Town
Students Performing Aerobics
Students Cheering in the Crowd

Twinkling Titans at BF Girls' Branch

Farkhanda Ilyas | Coordinator | Girls' Branch Faisalabad

March 12, 2012

Faisalabad: The Twinkling Titans Sports Day 2012 was a day full of excitement for everyone at Girls' Branch Faisalabad. Different activities included Pretty Power puffs (PT exercises), Figure n' Form (formations), Strive on Length (Long Jump), Roll n' Spin (Hula Hoop Exercises), Dynamic Dolls (Aerobics) and a variety of races.

The audience appreciated the scintillating performances by the young girls.

Sports Gala at 79-G

Shameela Nadeem | Staff Correspondent TBT | 79-G Model Town

March 10, 2012

Lahore: The Annual Sports Gala was held at BSS 79-G Model Town. Click here to view the images for the event.

Holding the Olympic Torch
1st, 2nd and 3rd Position-Holders
Annual Sports Day NN Primary I

Farheen Khalid | Staff Correspondent TBT | North Nazimabad Primary I

April 16, 2012

Karachi: Beaconhouse North Nazimabad Primary I celebrated its Annual Sports Day on March 16, 2012. The school was seen bustling with excitement as white chalk powder lines were marked for different track events. One by one the events took place and the games lasted for about three hours. The most-awaited moment of the day was marked by cheers to appreciate the winners as they received their shields.

Last but not the least, there were races for the teachers and the support staff as well. All the schoolmates enjoyed themselves and had an unforgettable sports day.
The Winners of the Sports Day
Students Running Towards the Finish Line

Winners of Different Races

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