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Rija Mujahid | X-C Mauve | BSS Multan

"There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colours are brighter, the air softer and the morning more fragrant than ever again" - Elizabeth Lawrence

Crying for a chocolate, fighting over a lollipop, playing in sand and climbing trees, all these were a part of my daily routine when I was six. I used to love it when my mom made me sit in her lap and read out fairy tales to me. Every weekend I used to visit the park and experience the adventure of different rides. The 'Barbie' movies turned into an overnight sensation for me. I used to go crazy after cats, I used to run, chasing after them and making silly noises. These small, silly things gave me tons of happiness and good memories.

Now when I look back, I find myself pondering over the fact that these small, silly things made me exuberant. Life has changed a lot! When I turn back the pages of my life, I realise how different everything is now. I don't have any major restrictions now, I am capable enough to now right and wrong, make small decisions and to speak for my rights but still teenage life is difficult. I have friends of my own choice; I study the subjects I like. I go to places I like and I live my life my way. But still there are many turns in teenage life which sometimes make me hate my life.

I miss that time when I was a small innocent child and the hardest decision to make was "Which flavour to choose for the ice cream." There are many positive and negative aspects of being a child. As a child I was carefree, there was nothing big to worry about. I had small wishes and easy to reach aims and goals and I didn't have to work or struggle hard to reach them. I got everyone's attention and even the studies were much easier!! But in my perspective there are also many negative aspects. As a child I could not have the freedom to do everything, some of my questions remained unanswered and my immaturity got me into trouble. From my childhood till now, I have made a long list of mistakes but I have also learnt a great deal from them.

Indeed childhood was the best part of life when everyone loved me without any reason, when my parents never left me alone, when all of my tiny wishes were fulfilled, life seemed like a candy and I used to enjoy it to the fullest!

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