Safaa Shehryar | Student Correspondent TBT | Frontier Campus Girls Campus

Peshawar: Students could be seen roaming around the grounds of BSS FC Girls Campus campaigning last minute on September 28, 2015. However, this came to a halt sharp at 8 a.m. when all the students gathered for the Monday assembly. After assembly students gathered around the House Mistresses of their respective Houses; Seena, Hathim, Jabir and Behruni where they were sorted into lines with respect to what class they were in.

Starting from Class VI to Class XI, students stepped forward one by one to deliver two votes, one for Captain and the other for Deputy Captain as the candidates stood by fidgeting due to nerves. Once everyone had voted the school day progressed as usual whilst the votes were being tallied. The results were announced at the end of the day to a diligently waiting crowd simultaneously rousing feelings of both joy and sadness.

The following day voting for Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl took place and for the first time ever the elected student body was given a chance to vote alongside their teachers. These results too were announced at the end of the day. Congratulations to all those who secured their position in the student council.

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