Election Day 2015 News Story

Poonam Khurshid | Staff Correspondent TBT |Beaconhouse A-Level Campus Multan

Multan: The endless campaigning, the relentless politics and the ear-numbing hooting came to a decisive end on the Election Day when all the students cast their votes to elect the student council. The candidates worked tirelessly, imploring students to vote for them. Many colourful banners were also made, advertising their respective campaign slogans. Apart from that, many alliances were also formed with other candidates, some open and some secret, to strengthen their positions. All of that came to a fruitful end on September 17, 2015 when the results were announced. Everyone congratulated the newly-elected council members Mussab Khakwani (Head Boy), Shaiqa Jamal (Head Girl), M Hassan Rizwan (Deputy Head Boy), Syeda Sherbano (Deputy Head Girl), Khizar Riaz (Sports Coordinator (Male)), Humna Nadeem (Sports Coordinator (Female)), Hishaam Khakwani (Deputy Sports Coordinator (Male)), Ailiya Hussain (Deputy Sports Coordinator (Female)), Hamza Saeed-CR Humanities-A1, Mahnoor Khawaja-CR Humanities-A2, Umer Mukhtar-CR Pre-Engineering-A1, Musa Sattar-CR Pre-Engineering-A2, Ghulam Yasin-CR Pre-Medical-A1 and Khubaib Gul Khan-CR Pre-Medical-A2.

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