Student Body Elections News Story

Fahad Ali Khan| Staff Correspondent TBT | FC Campus

Peshawar: Beaconhouse FC A Levels hosted the Student Body Elections 2015-16 on September 4, 2015 with a lot enthusiasm and probably the highest turnout of voters this year. All the students actively took part in the whole process of about 3 days which included campaigning, treats, inspiring speeches and the display of very creative posters.

There were a total of 5 seats in the student body council with 3 seats (Deputy Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy and General Secretary) appointed through the process of interviews conducted by our teachers and 2 seats (Head Girl and Head Boy) elected via voting by the students.

The new student council members are: Deputy Head Girl Warda Waqar, Deputy Head Boy Haider Tahir, General Secretary Ahmed Atiq, Head Girl Pashmina Arbab and Head Boy Asad Rehman Khattak

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