Tough Farewell News Story

Ambreen Khan | Staff Correspondent TBT | FC Campus

March 30, 2012

Peshawar: Bidding farewell to somebody becomes very hard when a person has been with you through thick and thin; the type of person who won't think twice about kneeling on the floor to apply medicine to an injured student's knee even if he is the Head of the branch, a person who will personally speak to anyone in the school to enquire about his/her problems and extend a helping hand.

The students of FC Boys Campus are facing a hard time parting with their Headmaster, Mr Hamid Hassan Khan, and their sad feelings cannot be better represented than by the farewell messages they have written for him.

"Greatest inspiration", "The Best Head ever", "There can't be anyone like you" are some of the heartfelt words written on the beautiful handmade cards pasted on the HM's office entrance.

A student remarked in his farewell message, "His daily message or quotes for a better life in assembly, his knowledge and his righteous personality will remain with us always."

Some of the Cards Left for the Headmaster

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