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Shahzad Afzal | Staff Correspondent TBT| Beaconhouse Officers’ Colony Campus

May 4, 2015

Multan: Beaconhouse Officers’ Colony Campus had a successful session on the project, Olden times and My Urban Dreams on April 17, 2015. They collaborated with their sister schools in Karachi. Ms Fareeha Khalid’s Class IV-Red worked with Ms Samina Jamal’s Class IV at Primary Branch 1, North Nazamabad, Karachi. Ms Madiha Abid’s Class IV-Green was paired with Ms Hareem Akhter’ Class IV of Gulshan Primary Campus, Karachi.

Partnerships were established with schools on Edmodo. The initial activity was exchange of introductory emails between the partner schools and a Skype session. The collaborative KWL sheet was filled out. In the second activity, students searched for and located Mohenjodaro and Harrapa on ‘Google maps’.

In the third activity, the students watched videos on the Indus Valley Civilization from the given link. The fourth round of communication between the campuses involved playing the Professor Indus Game, discovering artefacts and learning about their preservation in the museum. In the fifth activity the students identified the features of their city they would like to change and the area where they want improvement.

The sixth activity was one where students were encouraged to take real pictures of objects from their environment that might be considered artefacts 2000 years from now and share them on Edmodo. In the end the students prepared things for the museum and wrote their description with reasons for using specific material for their artefacts. The students mailed a box of these objects to each other. When we receive the package, we will take photographs and display their artefacts in our own museum.

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